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  1. Salutare! Just checking in. The "sometimes it doesn't go above 4400 rpm issue" still exists, when I took her to the car elecrtician and they took her for a test drive she didn't produce the problem, of course... It is the only problem right now, so I'm not mad. I forgot to show you a brossure I found online, of course I bought it. It's full of stereotypical marketing sh*t, and some grammatical errors too 😄 Lots of typos and some left-out words, it's funny how they released that brossure like that. Currently I'm trying to find a 30 (or 32?) mm diameter flexible tube that has seen better days on my engine. I cannot find it anywhere. I asked in the Hungarian Daewoo club and someone said it isn't even possiible to replace it without disassembling the A/C system. Is there something I can replace this tube? And lastly something interesting. I just came across an article about an early Daewoo concept car, the Bucrane. Did you know about it? I really like the look of it, it's a shame it never got into production. Link: https://www.topgear.com/car-news/concept/daewoo-bucrane-was-budget-v6-coupe-we-never-got
  2. Little update: ignition coil was replace. Spark plugs from cylinder 2 and 3 looked nice, but the plugs from 1 and 4 were much worse. The guy who checked it said that spark plugs 2 and 3 are ignited at once, and 1 and 4 again at once. So he thought the ignition coil was bad, and replaced to another used original GM part, since we couldn't find a new original GM one. The catalytic converter was also replaced to a new one, since it was toast due to bad ignition. (In the picture they are in order; 1-2-3-4) After the replacement of the cat, the car started to have a new problem. At first, it wouldn't go above 4000 rpm in any gear. I could feel she was able to go above it, but something did not let her, so she started stuttering but not go above 4000. Then it turned into a temporary problem, meaning if she was in the mood, she could go well over 4000, but other times it disables going faster. Today morning I visited a friend who has Scan-100. There was no code whatsoever, and every value was perfect, except one. The O2 sensor was totally wrong, it jumped from lean to right all the time, and the values it gave were incomprehensible. The diagnosis was that due to the bad cat (melted insides) and the replacement of it (the pounding which came with it), the O2 sensor was comprimised with metal catalysts dust from the old cat. If I'm lucky it will burn off after a few hunderd kilometers. If not, I'm in for an O2 sensor replacement, wich isn't that bad. In other news, the steering wheel was reupholstered with leather, and the steering coloumn was replaced to a newer version, which is tiltable. The one the car had originally was just straight. Since the screws of the ignition switches had to be pierced, it took some wizarding to replace the steering coloumn keeping the original ignition switch, but it worked.
  3. Nice car, I like the color very much. How does it compare to the Nubira? Is it more comfortable, more reliable? What are the pros and cons compared to the Nubira?
  4. English warning! Haha! That music CD brings back so many nostalgic tracks. Truly a time capsule. Good choice. Can you give me a link to the Polish site you order Daewoo parts from? I'm in search for both engine mounts, and I can buy both here in Hungary, but they're 143 Euros together, which I find a lot. Any future plans for updates or replacements for your Nubira?
  5. I do, they said there's not any codes, and everything's fine. Although finding someone with a Scan-100 is quite hard nowadays (at least where I live).
  6. Salutare! The exhaust pipe with the middle muffler has been replaced with thick metal that was protected. He ordered one from a muffler wholesaler, but the folding was leaking on the middle muffler, so the guy made it himself. Anyway, it looks nice. I took the car back from the mechanic yesterday. He said he didn't find anything wrong with the ignition, or the engine itself. The muffler puffing can be caused by either the injectors (injecting extra gas sometimes), or the catalytic converter, which sounds like it's empty. Other than the -becoming worse and worse- valve lifter sound, they didn't hear anything suspicous, and said that she drove "wonderfully" on the test drive. They replaced a coolant hose, and a crankcase vent tube because they were badly cracked (they showed them to me, I just didn't take pictures). Also he said that both the engine and transmission mounts are gone, but I will replace them later, as they don't cause heavy shaking, and both of them are quite expensive here 😭. (Together around 770 Leis converted to RON.) So next up is a catalytic converter replacement. And still want to arrange the upholsterer to make the shifter lever boot.
  7. Some updated: - I went to a muffler shop and the guy who inspected it showed me underneath what he found. While showing me the rotted part, and scraping the rust off the pipe with a screwdriver, he poked a hole into the pipe 😄 It was going to rust through soon anyway, so I'll take it back to replace the pipe and middle muffler on Monday. - I also bought a new front grille which will be replaced when the hood is going to be repainted - hopefully this fall. I got a new leather gear shift boot which was advertised as correct size for this model. It's not. Even when I cut some of the sewing and rubber on the skirt's bottom, I couldn't drag it onto the frame. I guess I'll have to take it to a car upholstery shop maybe they can do something with it, or make a new skirt themsleves. On the picture the left one is the old one, it's ruptured. Also we made it to 280 600 km, nice round number 🙂 On the week after the next week I'll finally take it to a mechanic to check the ignition coils, fuel pressure and if thoes aer fine, then I think it will be the injectors.
  8. I only use high octane fuel since the low rated fuel became mixed with 10% ethanol. I'm not sure if this engine tolerates E10 gas.
  9. Thank you for your tips, I will definately ask my mechanic to do a fuel pressure test, as I sadly don't have the tools and space for it. Also going to ask him to measure on the ignition coils to see if they are fine. Engine-wise it performs well right now, not long ago we reached 280 000 km on the odometer. I managed to gather the inner plastic covers to replace the deeply scratched old ones. These weren't perfect either, but I removed the light scrathes with a heat gun. Other than the ones on the picture, I also replaced the left B pillar cover. I'm not having enough courage to replace the C pillar cover because I'm not sure how to get the belt out through the pillar. The interior is mostly scratch-free now. What is the fuel consumption of yours by the way? I talked to the guy I got some of the plastic covers and the said his doesn't go above 8 litre per 100 km. Mine does not go under it 😄 Mostly mine does between 8,5 - 9,5 litres per 100 km. Is that a lot? It does around 9,5 litre if I go with 140-150 km/h on the highway with the AC on.
  10. Good day everyone! Been a month since I posted here. On most Nubiras (or maybe any car above 20 years) the rear bumper reinforcement is rotted away, like it was on mine. I couldn't find a new one. Luckily I found a used one that only had surface rust, but was mainly intact. I had that part sintered, so it's basically like new, and will last long. Above is the previous one, below is the "new used" one sintered. Mircea told me to upload videos to youtube, and then link them here, so they're easier to watch. Here is the muffler sound. Just showing, because I don't know how much puffing is normal. As far as I understand it could be an exhaust leak, but also misfiring. Currently I'm on the hunt on completely perfect interior plastic covers (B pillar lower covers, C pillar covers, some inner rocker panel cover, center armrest), because there are some deep scratches on mine. And as stated before, like many of you, I keep spending money on my cars, even if they work fine, so the culprit I'm finding now are inner plastic covers...
  11. Seems like it has to be downloaded. Didn't know how to embed videos here under 10 Mbs. This is the start after 2 days start 2.wmv
  12. Not sure if the videos will work, but here is the start after 1 week of resting start 1.wmv
  13. Hi Salex! Thanks for your reply too. The injectors were renovated 3 years ago, which means replacing O rings, microfilters and a UV cleaning. I can hear the fuel pump working, but it's not too loud, so I thought it was natural. Next time I'll ask the mechanic to check the fuel pressure. It might have to do with the car rarely jerking while accelerating (more often if accelerating from low rpm, but maybe that's normal?)
  14. I think if the plugs would be faulty, then it didn't do this only for 3 seconds after the start. Also if I pump the gas twice right before starting, then it doesn't do it at all, just starts fine, so how would this be connected to ignition?
  15. Spark plugs are replaced periodically, even sooner than they should be. Spark plug wire set was replaced when I bought it. Since then I drove 28 000 km, nearly 30k, so those might need replacing. I have no idea about the coils, those have not been changed under my ownership, so maybe those need to be replaced too. Thanks for the tips!
  16. And now for the Nubira. AC and heat now both work. When I start it without pumping the gas, it starts very cumbersome. Like the engine barely runs, like it was only running on 2 cylinders, then after 2 seconds, it wakes fully wakes up. It always has been like this, so right now I'm not really doing anything about it. If I start it with 1-2 pumps of gas, it starts instantly, but of course revs high of like 3 seconds, which I assume is not good for the engine. Anyway here are some pictures. Here in the background an Audi A3 is being professionally repaired. By refilling the coolant system with tap water. 🤪 I begin to discover some minor rust spots, but nothing major (hopefully it stays that way), so I need to schedule some rust repairs in the summer. Will make pictures of those, and maybe make a video about the poor starts to show some bad sides.
  17. Yesterday I washed and cleaned both my cars. As mentioned in my first post, I also have a small city car, quite nice shape for being 30 years old. It is original, it's based on the second generation of Suzuki Alto, a typical reliable Japanese car with carburator and mechanical ignition system, although it was manufactured in India. It only had rust problems, but it was taken care of. Unlike the Nubira's engine, its engine has not yet been taken apart. It has a 800 ccm powerhouse with immense 41 horsepowers 😁 Since the car only weighs around 620 kg, it's quite throttle responsive. Very lovable and vivid little "asphalt pimple" - as we call little cars in hungary. Never has broken down, and always starts. And what's funny is, it is easier to find any kind of parts for this car than for the Nubira, as this is still a people's car in India with little upgrades. Why change on what is working, right? 😏 Now to be fair, some cons: compared to todays SUVs, you wouldn't stand a chance in this car in a collosion. Thin chassis and other than seat belts, it has no safety features whatsoever. It's hard to find a good mechanic for it. Some mechanics don't even want to hear about it (yet it was a popular alternative to Russian and East German cars in its day), they make more money on fixing younger cars, and the younger generation of mechanics don't really care about carburators and mechanical ignition, as they are outdated. Still not gonna sell it.
  18. Sorry, not the evaporator, the condenser. The AC specialist said that the AC condenser leaked a bit as well. Thanks for the words, and yeah, I really enjoy this car. It's not like I'm blindly against modernization, I just cant find a newer car that I like... They're not really for me. You also have a really nice car. I always liked Cielos (Nexia in hungary). And they might be harder to keep in good condition as they are older.
  19. Little update: After replacing the timing kit the friction sound went away, so the engine sounds OK now. AC compressor was done over, new AC evaporator was installed, so it blows ice cold now. Although it cost about 500 Euro, so it was a little knife in the heart. Only problem now is after the replacement of the heater core (dashboard completely out), there is some squeaking noise. It's like the front of the dashboard sliding against the windshield or firewall. I found online that dry ptfe spray could work.
  20. Wow, it looks cool. I imagine in the city traffic or on the highway the gauge is rarely green 🙂 Also, nice engine sound.
  21. Wow, nice! Never have seen one with it. Anyway, glad that you also keep your Nubira in good shape.
  22. I see. I have a bad experience with ordering from ebay. I once ordered a compressor house gasket set that wasn't fit for my car, even though it was indicated so. By Korean front grille do you mean the one that has stripes on the sides as well? Like this one?
  23. Oh Hi pompiliu! Yea there are some new ones for sale, but they're really expensive. For now the AC specialist just said they were going to replace the gasket set and the bearing for the compressor, because the rest of the compressor looke like new. And also a new AC evaporator. This was also costy, but let's hope the AC will hold now. Does that Koch Chemie stuff really softens the leather that much? Also, how is your car nowadays? 🙂
  24. Oh I see. Is the new owner also on the forum? And how is the Evanda? I see you keep it in good shape. Is it much better than a Nubira?
  25. I honestly have no idea about the make of them since my mechanic does all that. But they are a Daewoo-Chevrolet specific shop, so I'm guessing they use correct ones.

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