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  1. just want to add more problem what if both the ABS light and the Hand Brake/ Park light is on? like in my case also, don't know if it's somehow connected, sometimes i hear a clicking noise (much like when you hear your engine ping/knock) at the front left part, i think near the wheels. Hope you guys can help us on this
  2. sent you a PM. Let's not hijack Vipers thread
  3. Hi Vaxxi, Thank you very much for the prompt reply. Regarding the thermoswitch on the radiator, i'm not sure if i have that one. what year model are you referring to? mine is 97-98. How can i know if i have that thermoswitch? Moreover, the idle will only depend on the CTS right? how come everytime i restart the car, the idle would be higher than what i set previously King
  4. Hi Guys, Just need your technical advice. My ride is a Espero 1.5DOHC and I'm having a problem with my CT sensor. It's newly replaced but the reading is off the true temperature ( it shows higher temperature than actual). So to get rid of this offset, i thought of putting a potentiometer in series with the CTS then i adjust the total resistance based on what i think is the actual temperature. Here's what i did: 1. i turn on the engine and wait until the thermostat opens fully (this should place the needle on the middle of the temp gauge right?) 2. while i'm doing this, i have a voltmeter connected to the ECU terminals of the CTS. 3. then i turn the potentiometer to adjust the voltage to the voltage set for normal operating temperature which is (from what i read on the manual) 1.5 to 2 volts. another method that i do (which i'm not sure if correct) is 1. i set the the potentio to its lowest setting (0 resistance, which would also contribute 0 voltage drop) 2 then i wait again for temp gauge to be at middle (at this point, even when the temp gauge is on the first line or lower portion, the fans would turn on, and the compressor would not switch on, meaning the sensor is already registering an overheat) 3. when the temp gauge reaches middle, i then turn the potentio to a higher resistance (making the "measured" temp colder) until the A/C turns on and the idle sets at its lowest - 800rpm- which i think are the conditions for normal temperature operation) the problem is when another day comes and i have to start the engine again, it would not have the same setting i made. the rpm would be higher when the temp gauge is at the middle. so do you think there's something wrong with my procedure? can you give advice on an alternative solution? for now, i refuse taking it to a shop with a scanner to see all data at once since they charge a lot per scan (O.T. is there a work around here, i mean can i have an improvised equipment and software to have the scanner functions ) need your badly as this has been my problem for months now. Many thanks! regards King
  5. @Gamerul, Thanks for the info! finally i got the part no. I just hope it would be available at our local distributor. @Viper, Thanks also. just please keep us posted on your espero project. can't wait for the final result meanwhile, i'll think of more questions to consult to you.
  6. WOW! an ESPERO to admire. Works like this continue to inspire me on my Espero. got answers to my questiions. i have been wondering ever since if there is an Eibach for Espero (can you help me on the model name/number?). and also the long wheel stud/screws. i have been planning to use wheel spacers but my problem was if i will be able to find a long stud to compensate for the spacers. Now i know that there exists one. I just need to know how/where to get them (help again pls ) Here's my Espero. appreciate your comments. MY ESPERO Many thanks!
  7. just got a gallon of Castrol GTX 20w50 since it's cheaper. i'm still to observe its effects on how the engine runs since i'm coming from a different brand (local) 5w40. appreciate your help
  8. thanks vaxx weather is hot to moderate
  9. Hi, what viscosity and brand would you recommend for an espero 1.5 dohc. I'm from the philippines. Thanks!
  10. what seems to be the prob with my espero i've just put it in diagnostic mode (by grounding disgnosting terminal in the ECM) and the moment i turn the key to IGNition, the cooling fans switch on what are the possible causes for the switching of the fans? thanks for your help
  11. hey man i already received the manual thank you very much, really appreciate it however i noticed that the left side of the pages are cut, although just a little i think it is only photo-copied from the hard copy of the serv manual i'm wondering if there exists an english version of the romanian serv manual, because that one is really a soft copy serv manual also, may i know where you got the manual, and for what year model it is thanks again and for the others who posted sorry i can only understand english
  12. hi Madalin, thanks for the response so you have a copy of the service manual, can you send it to me through email? my email is: king_galing2001@yahoo.com thanks again
  13. good day everyone this is my first post, i am just new here in the forums sorry i only understand english, i am from the philppines i just want to know where i can find a service manual for ESPERO, the english version i only have the romanian version but i cannot understand it i hope you could help me many thanls

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