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  1. I received a reply, they can't send it for me, despite the possibility of receiving a package by courier... May somebody from Bucuresti can receive it from him? I can pay for mediation.
  2. Someone could call this man and ask if sends abroad? I can send a courier GLS for him it must just to pack (no shipping documents). Paying by paypal or SWIFT. I sent e-mail for him but no reply, probably doesnt know English. http://olx.ro/oferta/instalatie-aer-conditionat-pentru-tico-ID3MbhK.html#998a9057ee
  3. I thought so but... I found many parts here: http://www.pieseautoradacini.ro/ Payment by card OK, transport OK but international transport impossible, :/. I called and the man told me he would not send abroad. He told me to find someone in Romania :/.
  4. Hello for all, I'm looking for some components of air conditioning system for my Tico. Although this car was produced here in Poland there are no spare parts for this system (only 450 cars equipped with freon-based system). But Romania is world Tico air conditioning kindgdom I found many parts (especially new parts), but... no one wants to send abroad. So I'm looking for help with re-sending that items into Poland.

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