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  1. As promised, there are some new photos of my belowed WOO http://www.cardomain.com/ride/1197166/1
  2. Haha, ok - I didn't get it at first WOO- like chinese master of disaster
  3. I like red Very much. And soon there are going to be some silver elements - probably it will look much better . And I don't knoiw why, but on the photos this red looks much more 'red' then in reality - many people told me that
  4. That's not good Thanks for help. Czech Nexia users also don't know nothing about clear tail lights though. Our clubs (Polish and Czech ) quite often contact 'each other' , so we know many things what goes on in the other country P.S. Do You know what is a www address of Korean Nexia or Daewoo Club?? Maybe they will know something See You... and thanks again for help http://forum.nexia.pl www.nexia.pl
  5. Hi! I completely don't know ROmanian language, so please write in english I'm from Poland, and need an answer to this question: Can I buy clear tail lights for Cielo/Nexia in Romania? (not Lexus-Look). There are no manufacturers in Poland who produce them, so I thought that maybe there are some in Your country If not, maybe You know how to do them on Your own? I'm talking about something like this : ( This is Cielo from Venezuela, but the owner never replied to my email ): http://img211.echo.cx/my.php?image=img08764te.jpg P.S. How much do the normal tail lights cost in Romania? (euro or dollars )

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