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Vand Statii Radio Auto (Cb)

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Vand statii radio mobile CB (Auto - Camion/Autoturism) :

1. Model MR-268

- 40 Canale, AM/FM,

- Putere emisie 4W

- Alimentare Auto 12V

- Pret 250 Lei


2. Model CB-08

- 40 Canale, AM/FM,

- Putere emisie 4W

- Afisaj LCD al frecventei

- Pret 310 lei


3. Antena auto CB

- Suport magnetic usor de folosit

- Lungime cablu 3m

- Mufa PL-259 standard

- Inaltime 100cm (sau 140cm)

- Pret 82 Lei (sau 95 Lei)


Statiile sunt noi si au incluse microfon de mana, suport prindere si cablu adaptor alimentare pentru bricheta auto.

Preturile nu includ costurile de transport (curierat).


Toate cele bune!

post-17920-000606300 1288376996_thumb.jpg

post-17920-085357200 1288377024_thumb.jpg

post-17920-092752000 1288377040_thumb.jpg

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