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Cielo Obd1 Interface

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Dear All

First of all I have to say, unfortunately I don't know romanian and I have to go in English.

I'm looking for the Cielo OBD1 Interface. I have to note that, I have several softwares such as Data Master, WinALDL - 160 baud ALDL reader, FreeScan, My ALDL and ... to communicate with tha ECU and also I know how to make and ALDL to serial port cable. The problem is, my Cielo OBD1 interface seems a little different. The A, C, F, G, H and L pins are used and the others are empty, but every where in pictures, ALDL needs pins A, B and E. So my question is which pin (of A, C, F, G, H and L) I have to use instead of A, B and E?

I have also attached my OBD1 photo.




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i have the same connector you have

did you sucssed and find how it coonected if yes how and which software you use

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