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  1. Eu propun pentru a discuta despre conceptul de curse de pantofi în stilul Chevrolet Cruze WTCC Ce crezi, ca o idee? Óbuda?
  2. Sport output manifold for Lanos and Aveo 1.5, 1.6Lacetti 1.8 LANOS http://www.pitstop.zp.ua/prod/tuning/mufflers/ASP/ LACETTI 1.8
  3. It for 2003 model. For 2007 not available.. 340 USD per set +50 USD shipping cost to Europe.
  4. For Lacetti- in project. I hope we can prepare in 2009/ I can send to Europe- no problem by post (+50USD fees) On stock 1 set only now...
  5. No. It for Aveo-1 . For restyling models we dont have now... Approx shipping cost to EU 50 USD by post. Cost of this set 340 USD.
  6. Some pics on fast installation without full wiring and adjasment. Tomorrow i hope receive and show pics in day time...
  7. I hope in next week we can decide about payment and delivery to Romania. Wait after receiving some pics after installation on car!
  8. It for Aveo 1 for 4 and 5 doors body. Not for current 4 door model. Current model have code T-250 See pics below. I very happy see russian words
  9. Some pics for you! http://www.pitstop.zp.ua/prod/optic/Junyan/

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