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  1. What impressed me was cost me to replace him (ala obviously does not come separate window, but the full stop)How I got my car (GTT) me gave the High Score 880lei Otherwise I found around 750 and the lowest I've found the Di-Bas to 520lei - the
  2. Find packages with 2 wipers for each dimension at any supermarket or gas station, at just over 10 RON. So with any 2 sets of 25 RON.
  3. Need to remove the black casing that covers the controlled lights (screws are below) and then unscrew the screws that hold the rear wheel aibagul (2 screws). It takes 15min. Put a picture, may also have other needs. Spor! PS: Do not remove the plug from the bag or if you want / have to do to disconnect the car battery first

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