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  1. Sorry for delayed reply, PM sent.
  2. That's a pity. But do you mean that such seatbelts are currently unavailable, or were never used in Romanian Ticos as well? In Poland only front seatbelts were inertia ones. Rear seatbelts were only manual. I know that many people in Poland would like to get rear inertia seatbelt, new or used one (from a damaged car). Same in Poland. Yes, of course I am interested. I will send you an email regarding this trade. By the way we have similar forum about Tico in Poland: http://zlosnik.pl/ub...&Board=6&page=1 The forum is in Polish but if you find anything interesting there e.g. description of some tuning/modifications, or anything else I can translate parts of it to English. Of course you can post there in English if you wish. Some interesting topics with pictures (unfortunately you have to be logged to see the pictures but I can repost it here if you wish): Electric (automatically sliding) antenna: http://zlosnik.pl/ub...mber=959385&an= Tray under front seat: http://zlosnik.pl/ub...mber=960223&an= Console between ashtray and cover of gear shift mechanism: http://zlosnik.pl/ub...mber=960631&an= Edit: Side mirror regulated from the inside: http://upload.klubtico.org/g0liath/ticoworks.htm#lusterkoreg
  3. Hello! I am from Poland. Thank you for your forum - I have found many useful informations here about Daewoo Tico car. Unfortunately I can not speak Romanian language (that is why I write this post in English). Usually I use online translators to read your posts in Romanian, they are good enough to understand most important parts. I would like to ask you about rear seatbelts for Tico. In Poland rear seatbelts in Tico are manual, but I found that Tico made in Romania have inertia rear seatbelts installed (part no 84925A79B80-000 or 84904A79B80-000). Is that true? Unfortunately these inertia seatbelts are unavailable in Poland. Is there any place I could buy them? Greetings from Poland, Dariusz

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